The most entertaining group in Gospel music...

Gospel supergroup Blackwood Legacy does not take its heritage lightly, but does, however, enjoy putting on a light-hearted, stellar concert experience night after night.

With an all-star personnel line-up, this thirteen-year-old ministry is carrying on the work of the late Cecil Blackwood, and the singing tradition of the original Blackwood Brothers Quartet - arguably the most famous name in Gospel music history.  Headed up by Gospel Music Hall of Fame member Rick Price, a former member of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet, this group puts forth a dynamic concert experience that mixes phenomenal spiritual music with testimony and comedy.

Traveling with Rick is grandson of Cecil Blackwood, Daniel Childs, who serves as lead singer for the group... and is, not surprisingly, one of the greatest lead singers in Gospel music today.  Also with Rick is talented pianist and baritone singer Luke Yates, who has been with the group for eight years, winning audiences over with his personable charm and amazing talent.  

The latest addition to Blackwood Legacy is powerhouse tenor singer Paul Secord, who brings his gifts as a phenomenal vocalist and performer to the stage with heart-warming enthusiasm.

This Gospel quartet exists to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ through song and testimony, and to see people moved by the power of God’s healing Spirit.  Placing ministry above all other priorities, this group performs nationally at churches both small and large, striving to be a blessing to people everywhere.

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